The Libertarian Party of Greater Peoria gets together for a final podcast before the state convention this weekend.   We try to keep these shows around 30 minutes… But with all the things we needed to talk about, we knew that it was going to be a little longer.  

The show clocks in at just over 60 minutes.  If you are driving in to Bloomington this weekend for the convention…  You have plenty of time to listen!  

Kash was originally set to make an appearance and talk with us.  It didn’t work out.  We have made a promise that we will not have phone call podcasts at this time.  Now, if Larry Sharp or Bill Weld want to call in… We may chance our tune… But as of now… Not Skype shows!  

(Sorry for some minor clipping from Donny’s phone near the recorder around 13:00)


  1. Bash on Kash?  The recent posts on the Libertarian Facebook pages that brought up past depression issues with Kash have become a concern that all of us have personal feelings on.  3:00
  2. Jacob has a take on the Libertarians of Illinois (Unofficial) Facebook page and the drama that whips up there.  14:30
  3. Independent Run conversation with Kash. 16:00
  4. Kash vs Kash for Governor Pages.  18:00
  5. Positive Kash Stuff 21:00
  6. A plug for our webpage and the LPofGP 24:00
  7. Matt C Scarro – The Gladiator 24:45 (Not Work Safe)
  8. Debategate?  Masterbategate?  Night at the improv? 36:30
  9. Safespace Libertarians video.  39:00
  10. John Stewart talk.  #secondplacestewart?  39:30
  11. Not Libertarian enough?  44:00
  12. Our Candidates wash their dishes. 52:30
  13. Convention Talk.  54:00
  14. Predictions 56:00
  15. Jason talks petitioning!  58:00
  16. Closing statements…  Congrats to Jacob.  1:03:00
  17. Donate!  1:04:00


Liberty Plays Podcast
Liberty Plays Podcast
Liberty Plays 03 - Convention Ready

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