They were a hit at the Illinois State Convention… And we are happy to have more for all of our liberty loving friends and family.  “Tears” Koozies.

We selected the finest foam and polyester mesh for these little statement pieces.  You will come off as witty, politically superior and sometimes annoying to your friends for years to come.  As a bonus… They keep your beverage cold on a hot day! 

Don’t delay…  Supplies are limited.

“Democratic Tears” Can Koozie 


“Republican Tears” Can Koozie


Get the pair! Both Koozies!


Shipping is cheap!  Just $1.00 per item.  Save more by grabbing the 2 pack and pay just $1.00 shipping.

Remember… All funds raised by items sold by the LPofGP go directly into marketing and events that help get our message of freedom into the hearts and minds of the citizens of Central Illinois.  You are supporting a noble cause!