Hello Everyone!!!

 I think I’d be remiss if I didn’t start this monthly message by congratulating all of the Libertarian Party nominees selected at this weekend’s state convention in Bloomington. Not only was it THE most exciting convention in our party’s history, we also selected an extremely talented slate of individuals to represent our party. But the true icing on the cake was that the Libertarian Party of Greater Peoria ended up being over 10% of the entire State’s Delegation!!! We not only showed the state party that Liberty Plays in Peoria but that we are a force to be reckoned with!!! From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone that took time out of their weekend to attend. I don’t think anyone went home without being energized and ready to fight for Liberty!!!
So on that note, I am proud to announce March’s monthly meeting this Thursday (Tomorrow!!!) March 8th, 2018 at 7PM. We will be holding the meeting at our usual location of W.E. Sullivan’s Irish Pub & Fare in Peoria Heights. This month is going to be packed full of content. So below I wanted to line out the schedule of events:
1.) Introductions/Convention Recap
2.) Hold a vote for the Libertarian Party of Greater Peoria Officers. Anyone signed up as a State Party Member that reside in Tazewell or Peoria County are allowed to vote in this election!!!
3.) Discuss/wrap up outstanding business (St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Petition Drive, etc.)
4.) Have another edition of #LibertyTalks where we discuss and educate our members on a “Hot Button” Libertarian issues.This month, Membership Director Damon DIllon will talk to us about Free Markets.
5.) We will hear from 2 very special Guest Speakers:Lupe Diaz is not only a friend of mine, but is the former Chairman of the Illinois Libertarian Party and will be speaking on the growth of our party over the past decade. Also, we have John Eldon Mathey, Libertarian State Representative Candidate for IL’s 70th District. John is one of the LPs rising stars and will give us a status on his campaign. If you have any interest in running for office, John is the man to speak to!!!   
6.) Schedule April Meeting/Adjourn
7.) Record the much anticipated “Post-Convention” edition of the #LibertyPlays Podcast
For those of you that have never attended, our meetings rarely last more than an hour. It truly is a great chance to grab dinner, a drink, and get a chance to meet other local Liberty-minded folks in the local area.There is so much going on in our movement right now that there has never been a better time to get involved. Please see the Facebook event below and come meet us this Thursday at W.E. Sullivans!!! 
In Liberty,
Donny Henry, Secretary

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