LP of GP Podcast – 01 Debut

What a great meeting we had tonight for the Libertarian Party of Greater Peoria.  Jon Stewart…  Sanj Mohip and Matthew C Scaro.  Three great guys working hard to earn a spot on the Illinois State Ballot for Governor and Lt Governor.  

This is our second attempt at a podcast.  Our first one seems to have been well recieved… So we had to try it again.  And honestly, with guests in the room like the ones mentioned above… How could we not?

Sitting at the table for this audio journey into liberty: Eric, Jacob, Jason, Dana and Donny.  Along with our two special guests, Sanj and Matthew.   We would have loved Jon to have been on, but he had to take off earlier. 

Nothing is off the table in these podcasts.  Do not think we are attacking anyone or playing favorites.  We are here to make our candidates better and see that they have what it takes to make it to the end!  Matt and Sanj take on some serious questions and left us feeling a lot more confident about their chances when push comes to shove.  

Thanks for listening!  Enjoy! 


Liberty Plays Podcast
Liberty Plays Podcast
Liberty Plays 02 - Sanj Mohip and Matthew C. Scaro

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