Its been a while, but we are back!  Its not from lack of activity, the Libertarian Party of Greater Peoria has been on a roll, and the December meeting was proof of that.

We had a full house at this months meeting.  Special guest speakers included our own Jason Spyre’s and Danny Malouf.   It was a packed house at WE Sullivan’s in Peoria Heights and we hope this is an indicator that 2020 will be a big year!

The show was recorded directly after the meeting.  It gets lively and NON WORK SAFE later on as we roll out our newest catchphrase “In the interest of time”.  

On this episode…  Eric, Jacob, Chad, Jason, Danny, Dana and Donny.

Topics pretty much center around this thing called the Impeachment of Trump.  It gets fun and loud!

Enjoy!  Have a safe and happy holiday season!


Liberty Plays Podcast
Liberty Plays Podcast
Liberty Plays Podcast 12.19.19

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