Long overdue and completely over-modulated…  We are semi-proud to offer up this episode of Liberty Plays Podcast recorded at the Liberty Tower in Peoria IL.  

We talk about last months meeting with Mayor Jim Ardis and the upcoming meeting later this week.

Taxes and the current economic condition of the state of Illinois also are a big feature in this show.  It would seem that Governor Pritzger has found very few items that were not worth a new tax.  If you know of something that is a bargain… He’s probably working on taxing it!

Gun violence is also part of the conversation.  We dont get too deep.  But its a general consensus that new gun laws will not stop this kind of violence.   New laws will probably roll out after the recent spat of violence, be prepared!

Thanks for listening…  See you this Thursday at the meeting!  

Liberty Plays Podcast
Liberty Plays Podcast
Liberty Plays Podcast 8.8.19

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