We are back! 

Not that we ever left… But we are back in person, in a room full of real people at WE Sullivans in Peoria Heights!  We cant tell you how thrilling that is after months and months of ZOOM meetings!

The inaugural meeting of the Libertarian Parties of Peoria and Tazewell County was a great success.  Until this meeting, we had been one single group known as the Libertarian Party of Greater Peoria.  

Donny welcomed several of new Liberty minded newcomers to this meeting.  Both counties ran down the business of the groups in a hurry…  We wanted to get to our special guest, James Kemper.  James is a man on a mission for Peoria.  He is running for District 2 City Council in Peoria and spoke to packed meeting room at WE Sullivans.

We were fortunate enough to get James on the show afterward… We think you will love his passion of Peoria as much as we do.  Its infectious and we can only hope its as contagious to business leaders looking at Peoria as value for investment.  

Good luck in the Election James!

James Kemper City Council Website:  http://kemperforward.com/

Liberty Plays Podcast
Liberty Plays Podcast
Liberty Plays Podcast 2.18.21 - James Kemper for Peoria District 2

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