Welcome to another episode of Liberty Plays Podcast.  This episode finds us finally using our official party names…  The Libertarian Party of Peoria County and the Libertarian Party of Tazewell County.  Our accomplishments in ballot access in the fall elections made this a necessity!  We are glad to make these changes!

On this episode:

  • We review the monthly meeting of the local chapters.
  • We review the newly elected officials.  For the record… Eric feels like he is working with a stacked deck!
  • Guest Speaker:  Candidate for the Peoria Illinois first district, Aaron Chess.
  • Aaron spoke and took a lot of questions. 

It was a tremendous meeting and watching and listening to a more mature Aaron Chess was certainly a highlight.   Good luck in your quest to make Peoria a better place!

We take the podcast into some conversation about the Biden Administration, Trump Impeachment and Rand Paul.  

We also ponder the energy level that a 78 year old can have while doing a job like POTUS.  Think of the most active 80 year old you know… Then put them in an 80 hour a week job.  How long do they last?  We have some thoughts.  

Thanks for listening.  

Liberty Plays Podcast
Liberty Plays Podcast
Liberty Plays Podcast 1.28.21

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