We are back for a short one as we prepare for another wild week filled with Liberty in Central Illinois.

First off, remember that we have our monthly meeting this week at WE Sullivan’s in the Heights on Thursday night. We will have a great guest speaker and Damon will be doing a Liberty Talk.

On this Episode of the the Liberty Plays Podcast:

St. Patrick’s Day parade info. Its always a good time! Get down to Peoria on Sunday!

Brandon Martin will the featured speaker at this weeks LPoGP meeting.

We are broadcasting from Pekin IL! Lets hear it for this meeting location… At the West Dublin Pub.

We talk about Aaron Shock and what he might mean to Peoria and our cause… Especially since he called himself “more Libertarian” in a recent interview.

Bill Weld… Does he get the respect he deserves? Donny chimes in.

Do people know where our party stands on the issues in the news? We need to share more! (I’ll be efforting that!)

Thanks for listening! See you Thursday… And Sunday!

Liberty Plays Podcast
Liberty Plays Podcast
Liberty Plays Podcast - March 2019

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