Our June meeting was a great success…  Thanks to everyone who came out.  This episode of the podcast was recorded directly after the meeting with Eric, Jake, Dana, Joe and Donny.  Special guests include Tom and Moe.  Moe steps in late to bring a fresh take to the conversation.   

On the 37 minute show:

  1. Extended conversation about Peoria Sheriffs candidate Brian Asbell and his presence at our meeting tonight.
  2. A few slips of the tongue that refer to Brian Fengel!!!  This is tough!  
  3. Liberty talk review with Donny.  It was all about John Locke, Great Grandfather of our liberty principals. 
  4. Non Aggression Principle with Dana.
  5. Sign up for the Chiefs game next week!
  6. Steamboat Classic… Get out there to help Donny and Jason grab signatures.
  7. National News. 
    1. Delegate news and what to expect in New Orleans.
    2. Nick Sarwark conversation.
  8. Illinois Party News.
    1. 35,000 Illinois signatures secured so far?
    2. Fundraising questions for the state party.
    3. Paid signatures vs the grassroots level.
    4. The Grimm truth?  
  9. Moe asks what the Libertarian party can do for the youth of today?  This was not planned or on the agenda, Moe was at the meeting and is interested in our message of liberty.  Great question about local politics.  
  10. Peoria City council is rocking the budget again.  Raise for the City Manager.  Cuts for the fire department… And a new 135,000 security company.  
  11. Check out the Peoria Podcast Alliance feed on iTunes and Google Play store.  
  12. Libertyplays.com

Come to the next meeting on July 12th!





Liberty Plays Podcast
Liberty Plays Podcast
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