The May meeting of the Libertarian Party of Greater Peoria was a was highlighted by more amazing guest speakers.

Bennett Morris came over from McLean County to talk about the Libertarian Party in Illinois and what his goals are as our new state Chairman.

We also were privileged to have Jon Stewart talk about his campaign for the Libertarian Governor of Illinois.  Jon then stuck around and talked about his time on the election trail and what he sees looking ahead into the Kash Jackson.


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  1. Alan Carter


    Are we really still talking about Kash’s video where he was JOKING? Seriously?!?!?

    Secondly…anyone who supports or supported Kirk (the Durbin yes man) should not be in politics.

    Not a chance to get 5%? Lmao! Comparing Grimm to Kash is like comparing apples and oranges.

    The people are tired of their rights being violated and want someone who will put an end to it.

    Slammed for a joking video? John you are a fool.

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