Liberty Plays 05

Big meeting tonight!  Listen as we recap the April 12th meeting and then introduce some of the special guests.  


  1. Jason and his “Liberty Talk”
  2. Kash Jackson sits in.  6:00
  3. Kash will be live in Peoria on Friday the 13th on all the local TV stations… And will also be on 1470 with Greg and Dan.
  4. Dana talks Chapter Development.
  5. Claire Ball sits in. #qualifiednotconnected  11:50
  6. Jason talks about getting signatures for ballot access!
  7. Get the petitions and start getting signatures!  
  8. Kash talks about the 3%er’s he needs to make his campaign work!

Crash!  Not sure what happened… We got a little long on this episode… And the podcasting gods must have decided that this was not allowed.  The show stops at 28 minutes.  

You miss Claire Ball talking about what an independent voice brings to the comptrollers office. 

We also miss Kash talking about his adventures on the Dan Proft show.

I am sorry!  In the world of amature recordings… This can happen… But I hate that it happened to this episode.  Why couldnt it have been one with us local guys???  Again…  I am sorry!  Eric


Liberty Plays Podcast
Liberty Plays Podcast
Liberty Plays 05

1 thought on “Liberty Plays 05

  1. This is awesome! When you guys come down to the Belleville are please let me know and me and my wife will volunteer and work as hard as we can to help! Jason Spyres has my contact info. Please let me know! Thank you

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