Eric Stahl, former candidate for Tazewell County Board Chair and Donny Henry, Libertarian Party of Greater Peoria Chairman, sit down  and record this episode at Liberty Tower in Peoria Illinois directly after the monthly meeting of the LPoGP.  

We have a lot to review.  Our monthly meetings have now gone virtual during COVID.  Thats a challenge and we review how the November meeting went.  We are also now tasked with creating a full party structure in Tazewell County because of the success of our candidates.    

Eric and Donny then go on to talk about how our local elections went, with an obvious focus on Eric’s campaign (since I was in the room!)  The point of the conversation is to tell the story of how an impromptu candidacy and election can develop over a few months.  We went from wanting 5% to trying to make a point to local voters that our economy is going to be in shambles with COVID shutdowns.  Its a serious evolution over a few months for a first time candidate and a party used to supporting 1 or 2 candidates at the local level.  

Thanks for listening.  We know its been a while.  The local campaigns probably could have used this mouth piece during the last few months… But resources and manpower were at a premium!  We were happy to step back, redirect the site and let people see all the candidates at www.

Talk to you soon!!!

Liberty Plays Podcast
Liberty Plays Podcast
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