Welcome to the new Podcast format.  The Liberty Plays podcast will now become the editorial show that is separate from meeting notes that have traditionally been broadcast after our monthly meetings.  Shows will be identified in your podcast feed by date and subject.  

This episode Features your host, Eric, joined by Donny, Jacob, Theresa and Scott.  

The November 6th Illinois election was full of promise and didn’t quite go the Libertarian direction we hoped.  On this episode, we are mostly kicking around our post election perceptions and some ideas about where improvements can be made.   

(Tech notes:  We decided to record this show in a more “studio-like” environment.  This is our first show with 5 people on the microphone…. And I have to apologize for the sound of Donny’s mic early in the ep.  It wasn’t powered and I had to over-gain it to try and keep from having an editing disaster!  Also…  Lots of table noise from using a table mounted mic.  We will take care of that on the next show!)


Liberty Plays Podcast
Liberty Plays Podcast
Liberty Plays 11.18.18 - Election Wrap-Up

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