We are a week early!  Why, you ask?  Well, this months podcast is recorded promptly after we met with the Libertarian Central Committee of Tazewell County.  The show was recorded at Seasons Gastropub in Morton IL on 10.4.18.  For the record…  The music in the background is so loud during this ep, we thought about a karaoke segment!  We will return to our normally scheduled venue in November.

On the show:

  1. Welcome & Intros
  2. Where is Tazewell County?  You vote… You don’t come to meetings!
  3. Morton Pumpkin Festival parade review.
  4. Get your yard signs next week at the LPofGP meeting in the Heights.
  5. Preview of the monthly meeting.
  6. Talk about the Kavanaugh nomination, and why you should care.  The answer may surprise you!
  7. Meme reading (From Playboy!)
  8. Get your tears
  9. Debate talk.  How do you think Kash did in the 4 way debate?
  10. Libertyplays.com and posting new content.  Get involved.
  11. Portillos shaming by the host.  (again!)
  12. Election predictions.

Thanks for listening!  We cant wait to do the next show and talk about how the election went.  Remember, get out and vote…  Bring a friend or two with you!


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Liberty Plays Podcast
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