We are back to a normal show as our Chairman and leader is back in the room.   Lots to talk about in this show recorded after our September meeting at WE Sullivan’s in Peoria Heights.  Everyone is welcome!  Please come out to a meeting!

Make sure to get to the end of this one for Libertarian confessions…  Its worth it!

On the September show:

  1. Donny is back!
  2. Republican Day on the Farm
  3. Shout-out to Chad Grimm and talk about some of the Illinois convention nonsense.
  4. Meeting review:
    1. Liberty Talk with Kevin Pietro
    2. Daniel Stewart with the Young Americans for Liberty.  Operation “Win at the Door”
  5. Morton Pumpkin Festival Parade!  We will be there!  
  6. Tazewell County… Where are you?  We need you at the meetings!
  7. Jason Spyres sendoff to Stanford.
  8. Debates!  We have our candidate in the gubernatorial debate!  Kash vs Sam vs Bruce vs JB!
  9. Matthew C. Scaro almost makes the show!  Phoning in from Thailand!  Matt!  We would have loved to have had you on the show!
  10. Debate predictions!
  11. Portillos eaters!
  12. We could use contributions to the website…  Send us your posts!
  13. Get your tears for the election…  Or the debate!

Pardon the mighty air conditioning at WE Sullivan’s…  It kicks in a few times over this show.


Liberty Plays Podcast
Liberty Plays Podcast
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