Welcome to episode 8!  This episode was recorded on 8.9.18 promptly after our August meeting.  We were pleased to have special guest, David Lahood, stop by and talk about his campaign for the Peoria County Board.  We were super surprised by the appearance of Sheriff Brian Asbell during the meeting.  That was a bonus for everyone in the room!

On the show:

  1. Sorry for the vacation in July!  
  2. LP of GP!  We meet at WE Sullivans on the 2nd Thursday of every month.
  3. Intros – Eric, Jacob, Dana and Joe.
  4. Stand-in President… How did it feel to hold the hallowed gavel of the LP of GP?
  5. Meeting talk.
  6. Sheriff Endorsement.
  7. Pub crawl info, farewell for Jason.
  8. Morton pumpkin festival parade sept 15th.  
  9. David Lahood conversation.
  10. Liberty Talk – Damon Dillon speaking on activism
  11. State commentary:
    1. How is the governor campaign going?  Kash Jackson show lots of child support issues.  
    2. Lack of independent voices in news publishing means its the same articles everywhere!  3 different news sites had same article verbatim.
    3. Google Claire Ball and Steve Dutner…  Not a lot of news since early June. We need to keep pushing these names!  
    4. Sam McCann blowback?
    5. Money Bomb effort?  How did it look to everyone?
  12. Our next meeting:  September 13th
  13. Remember our website…  www.Libertyplays.com
Liberty Plays Podcast
Liberty Plays Podcast
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