Here are direct links to the “Live” streams on our Facebook tonight.  Video “one” could be skipped, but we want to make sure it was here for anyone who wants to watch every bit of the event!  It was unfortunate that we lost connection twice during the debate.  LPoGP “efforted” recording and showing this event live while others were recording as well.  There should be better versions of the debate posted later from the other cameras in the room.  As soon as the video become available… We will be sharing!

Thanks to everyone who came out.  Thanks to Bennett for moderating.  Most importantly, thanks to the Candidates for making this event work.  It was a dynamic conversation and our best chance to watch how one of these guys will go to battle for us when running for Governor.  

Video 1

Not much content here.  This is the initial start of the feed for the other Facebook groups to share the video.

Video 2

Introductions and begining of the debate.

Video 3

The first section of the debate to the break.  This picks up on the Amazon facility question.

Video 4

Mid-Break to end of debate.


Also…  We have a directory of the pictures Eric took last night:



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