Liberty Plays Podcast 4.15.21

We missed the March meeting and podcast due to the COVID craziness in Peoria last month, so we were extra happy to be able to sit down and record a quick Liberty Plays Podcast at WE Sullivans.  Our monthly meeting was held on April 15th and had lots of new faces along with some regulars to fill out a room to one of our largest showings in the past year.  Bravo!  Thanks, everyone for coming out!

In this episode, we talk a little bit about the nuts and bolts operations going on at the Tazewell County and Peoria County parties.  We then get into a review of the “Liberty Talk” that Donny put on about the 2nd amendment and what it meant to the framers of our constitution.  

Eric also has a stellar idea for a campaign against Tammy Duckworth.  Who’s for it?  

It’s all here…  Take a listen and be sure to share!


Liberty Plays Podcast 4.15.21
Liberty Plays Podcast

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